An alien insight,
why somebody is interested in the distanced and the unusual?
( preliminary analysis )

        Talking about the non-standard in  every  day  rat  race,
everyone can relate to their own image  from  non  trivial  youth
clothes up till the latest version of  non  linear  dependencies.
But, what if we talk about the unusual on an  average  level?  We
have  kept  in  our  memories  the  mathematic   definition    of
"function's important characters "about the characters which  are
rather obvious for a specialist, who  discovered  them,  but  not
less complicated and boring for a student, who is preoccupied  by
absolutely different tasks.  What do regular people consider as a
systematic deviation from the regular life and its perception and
not just simple "a show off"? And what could be the generators of
the human para-reason  subject,  pushing  it  to  something  what
regular people often call "non-standard",  "abnormal",  possibly,
mysterious and the beyond?
        With all basic approach to this text, the author  devoted
many years of work to the research  of  this  issue  and  as  the
practice showed, through different conclusions came to  unveiling
such a view  on  things  which  could  be  defined  as  external,
ex-polar in relation to the stereotyped entities  (they  are  not
homogeneous, and we  will  talk  about  it  later).  To  be  more
precise, in the regular context, this position of perception  and
conclusions could be easily referred as to that of an "alien".
        The statement is very meaningful,  but  first  we  should
realize the essence of such an obvious phenomenon,  which  is  so
rarely taken into consideration when  there  is  plenty  of  more
urgent tasks and aims.
        So  ranging  from  ideas  to  practice,  what  can  be  a
dominating motive of a human being absorbed  into  fields,  which
could be defined as non- standard?
        The following directions loom out (in nature there  can't
be  absolutely  clear  essences,  because  concrete  cases  would
represent the following combinations)-
        1. The theory  of  negativity:  a  conflict  with  social
establishments  without  a  possibility   of    its    individual
settlement.  In the framework  of  a  family,  it  reveals  as  a
teenager's negativity; in a wider concept we get hippies,  punks,
"green" party and other manifestations in  a  greater  or  lesser
degree adapted to the  other  sides  of  social  structures.  The
aspiration to non-standard  forms  or  ideas  is  not  systemized
therefore there appears a necessity of uniting with the  similar.
The controversy appears in a form "not like them" but  "the  same
as ours".  Along this creativity gives ground for  rather  steady
environments, such as bohemia and when there  is  an  attempt  to
gain the  benefit  from  the  situation  it  moves  rapidly  into
        2.  Paradox  phenomenon:  the  socially  recognized   and
established manifestation of individual deflections. While in the
point 1 the subject doesn't have unique forms of contra position,
here any non- standard thing instantly  gains  creative  form  as
long as it happens in time and sometimes it  is  cultivated.  Any
inventing, innovation in all types of art is  the  best  form  of
adaptation of personal problems and pathologies for  society,  as
an example we could assume that Agatha Christy would  have  ended
up in the mental institution without a possibility for  her  self
expression in her detective stories and we don't know what  mania
would have developed from the infernal  talent  of  Steven  King,
although sometimes we do get side effects like in case  with  Van
        3. The extreme: socially tolerant expression of emotional
discomfort, individually solvable  without  creative  work.  I.e.
individual non- standard is not sufficient  and  hormone  factors
demand urgent realization- you can go for a long sail, roam  your
vacation away in the  North,  go  for  alpinism,  stunts,  get  a
mercenary job, the  society  outlines  the  environments  on  its
margins for these  kinds  of  forms,  although  if  we  turn  our
attention inside,  the  extreme  will  come  out  as  a  romantic
adventure up till polygamy, polyandry or  the  arrangement  of  a
home casino.
        4. Problematic needs: the  existing  state  doesn't  give
satisfaction; there is an interest to find some  practical  ideal
panacea.  Where and how it will be found  is  another  issue.  It
could  reveal  in  a  form  of  an  American  farmership  at  the
background of soviet collective farms or shouting  out  communist
slogans by the elders recalling "how it was back then with
L.Brezhnev".  The idea forms could be expressed in  any  kind  of
dissidences as well  as  untraditional  forms  of  healing  "from
everything" and the creation of universal theories.  In the  most
concrete forms we get the manufacturing of  the  counterfeit  but
unavailable product on the market, the demand for the presidents'
resignation, on who we used to rely all our hopes as well as  the
foundation of sects (something similar to the UFO)
        5.The sacred: the search of harmony through breaking  and
rebuilding stereotypes which can lead to the  "catching"  of  the
feeling of the supernatural, the beyond, the conscious of outside
oneself.  To put it simply,  it  starts  with  getting  over  the
boredom  by  means  of  mystifications  and  the  recreation   of
extraordinary forms say cultural little-known customs (where  the
mystification  flourishes  as  a  distinct  target  of   academic
science).  Since in this  particular  case  the  subject  doesn't
conflict with the social environment but enriches his ideas about
it, then  according  to  the  invested  energy  the  person  gets
involved in the  individual  development.  The  result  leads  to
mastering yoga  techniques,  exotic  dances  and  ceremonies  and
realizing the other than well known forms of  perception  on  the
verge of psychic pathologies ( this is an issue of the conscious'
strength). The latter detail is typical for this direction, since
even intentional Chinese tea drinking  ceremony  in  the  Russian
rural environment would look like insanity.
        The  next  stage  of  analyses  could  be  the   activity
orientation of the outlined directions. It doesn't matter to what
extent the separate subject is fond of non-standard  activity  or
self-expressions, the process of the summary of similar acts will
inevitably result to the phenomena of some certain order.  Having
defined such an orientation we can already  understand  not  only
the motif of a singular peculiarity or character but a  character
of happening processes in the human environment.

        1.  Negativity.  Due  to   some    outlined    individual
aspirations and inclinations there is an  obvious  aspiration  to
communication and value support.  It is important  that  such  an
"energy outlet" occurs in the absence of  reasonable  suggestions
by the social environment.  In  fact,  we  observe  the  unstable
appearance of some zones of instability, which  on  the  contrary
are the most dangerous ecological niches of the  existing  social
system. No matter how suspicious and even criminal such a special
environment would seem like, it is already separated  making  the
interaction with it possible one way or the  other.  For  a  hard
core negativist the essential orientation of  all  his  movements
and acts is targeted at the forming of a new circle.
        We could add something  "more  convenient",  however  the
levels of convenience could be  different  (a  criminal  is  more
convenient to the criminal environment or a prison rather than to
a favorable regular existence from where he dropped out)-and  the
consideration of this topic would take us off the main issue.  In
any case it is implied that a new  co-circle  and  some  sort  of
comfort in it are indispensable for a person to keep  his  almost
static state of the non-standard while changes occur in the outer
        2. Paradox

                                            To be continued...