Anjelica K.   
META-MOSCOW - is that a model or life?


        Many thousand years ago the ancient  Chinese  discovered,
that if a man didn't fight with nature and lived in harmony  with
it, his life's quality would substantially improve.
        The biology of living organisms pays a lot  of  attention
to different rhythms, cycles,  biological  clock  modes  and  bio
energetic zones which influence the internal state of animals and
plants, making them change inhabited zones, sense  the  beginning
of a blooming period, reproduction and roaming, find a place  for
raising following generations and so on. In fact, when we rest in
harmony with everything living, our life flows more smoothly  and
we achieve assigned goals much easier.
        Where we live, work or rest has a great influence on  the
quality of our lives and we could state that without a  slightest
doubt. We often choose a neighborhood for living instinctively or
at least take a piece of advice from our friends or a realtor.
        A famous Feng Shoui  specialist,  translator  of  ancient
Chinese scrolls compares the globe of the Earth to  the  body  of
the human.  There are points on the human's body which impact the
system's functioning.
        Affecting some particular  zones,  doctors  are  able  to
revive vital functions, harmonize pressure  and  nervous  system.
The Earth as a living body also has its  own  zones  and  points,
axis of symmetries and channels of particular movements.  When we
start to interrelate with nature, moving along the Earth, we  are
able to sense our impact on its processes as well.  Bio-energetic
zones, in their turn, rule and direct us as well as our physical,
biological, social and psychological reactions and possibly more.
        The human is sober-minded  from  nature,  always  finding
explanations  for  his  state,  either  headaches,    irritation,
nervousness or something else. But haven't you noticed that being
aware of these reasons, no "sober-mindness" in the world can help
remove them. And our excuse that "it didn't work out" in personal
life can pass for some sort of explanation, but when a  carefully
built business crashes down on a spotless ground, we  can  easily
lose our minds trying to find the reasons for this failure.
        Despite the sober mindedness and psychological  ignorance
at the same time, people sense a  lot,  they  tune  in  to  their
intuition and sometimes they make the right choice. Even the most
regular salesperson after noticing, where trade goes better, will
try to move his business to a place, where  he  would  only  have
luck.  He could explain his choice, stating, that  he  likes  the
buildings, the environment or somewhere around he has a couple or
two of his friends and he wouldn't want to  think  for  a  minute
that there might  live  a  lot  more  of  his  friends  in  other
neighborhoods and the buildings  are  just  the  same  everywhere
        Sometime ago my colleague's family rented a place in  one
of the greenest neighborhoods  of  Moscow.  Since  their  windows
overlooked a reservoir, in hot weather the wind would often bring
a terrible smell of sewage waste which would get in a  reservoir.
Regardless of the fact that his  family  liked  everything  about
that neighborhood, my  colleague  often  suffered  from  lack  of
physical energy and his morale was very low. Very soon he changed
this place and instantly felt the fresh breath of enthusiasm. Bad
ecology drained him and a new good place increased his energy.
        Sometimes we can remove discomfort, make  maintenance  in
our place, re-plan interior space, and change a rug.  It is  more
complicated to change  an  unfavorable  neighborhood  of  living,
especially, if we buy an expensive property and not just a  place
to spend a night.  I am sure, that you've been to  places,  where
you've felt yourself very comfortable, like at  home.  Without  a
doubt, you have probably happened to be at  places  where  you've
sensed vague discomfort.
        The first example is a place which bio-energetic zone  is
in harmony with your internal bio rhythms.  The second one is the
contrary.  Having a possibility to change work, I kept  switching
my place over and over, surprise as it may seem, namely because I
was followed by some sense of  discomfort.  I  was  getting  very
irritated, like there  was  some  sort  of  pressure  on  me  and
eventually I started to lose my income.  These situations kept on
happening again and again  until  I  focused  my  choice  on  the
neighborhood where I gained a feeling of confidence, optimism and
financial stability. I told all my friends that I found my place.
        When we are willing to work, we feel  comfortable,  where
there is an active pace of trade, where boss raises salaries  and
where things move only forward.  When we wish to rest, we  go  to
places, where we get relaxed and cozy.  When we plan to acquire a
property  for  business  meetings  or  family  or  meetings  with
friends, we subconsciously aspire to a place, which,  instead  of
taking away our energy, increases it.
        If I used the program of "Meta-Moscow" before, I wouldn't
have lost my time back then.  Now  I  am  a  specialist  in  this
program and I always have it handy and resort to its help when  I
have a choice of a particular place in our city.
        Lately  the  program  "Meta-Moscow"  was  developed    by
CSIN-Fund's group  of  researchers,  who  do  research  works  in
self-organization processes of nature.
        And here, on a computer monitor we see all  options  with
attractive  images,  where  we  can  easily  recognize   streets,
buildings, riversides.  Colorful spectral rays come  out  of  the
city center following some unknown symbols.  Each ray outlines  a
particular zone of Moscow.  While we try to  comprehend  what  is
going on, a specialist consults us showing the  possibilities  of
the program.  The  rays  move  from  the  city  center  from  one
particular  point  to  the  other  while  the  screen  introduces
considerable databases with some unknown symbols moving back  and
forth.  Many years of  hard  and  scrupulous  work  in  different
spheres of sciences stand behind these attractive images.
        The precision of calculations allows you to  find  "your"
neighborhood for different purposes, including the acquisition of
real estate of your individual preferences  and  considering  the
functional aspect of it at the same time, so that the place works
for you. As I've heard from one of programs' authors, it also has
several different functions.
        So, say you have a chance to choose a place and you  have
enough finances, you are not attached to the territory,  type  of
living only in a particular  neighborhood,  you  don't  have  any
preferences for it or even better, if you wish to have 2-3 flats,
after you've made up your mind and  expressed  your  interest  in
buying a flat and choosing a neighborhood for it, you would  then
need to submit basic data.  This would be all information which a
client  agrees  to  provide.  But,  as  the  first  and  foremost
necessity we need to have birth  dates  of  all  those,  who  are
interested in this  property,  including  the  owner,  his  wife,
children, mother-in-law, grandmother and so on.  If it's a  firm,
we are dealing  with,  and  then  we  require  the  date  of  its
        Further on, we need to know the direction of search. I.e.
one thing is to choose for the whole family as a  sole  flat  and
another one is if the property is the office for certain business
purposes and a particular direction of activity.
        Or, say  the  place  would  be  strictly  for  rest,  for
receptions.  The more exact the specific information is, the more
precise will be recommendations.  The  issue  of  trust  is  very
important here, but in practice this issue is rather conditional,
since in most cases we have clients who were already  recommended
from their friends for "Meta- Moscow". It is almost impossible to
reveal the "know-how" in a simple way.  Perhaps we could do  that
by making up fake commercials, which flood TV channels.
        The program is the result of private work and  its  ideas
were born in the early 80-s and it's been in process for about 12
years in its concrete form.  For the  last  7  years  we've  been
working on the computer version; before we had only theories  and
several individual schemes.  If  we  draw  a  parallel  in  these
meta-geographical fields, although it is rather  conditional,  we
could name some works from the range of  well-known  astrologists
such as Globa.  And not only, it is just, that I am familiar with
these materials, which show the astrological aspects  of  Moscow.
But I must reiterate that the analogy with the astrology here  is
rather conditional, since everything we use in the program is far
from  astrology.  Nevertheless,  I  can't  ignore  a  range    of
similarities with mentioned above Globa, however there is a range
of serious differences  there  as  well.  Moreover,  astrologists
don't do detalization in principle, the way we do it, since  they
don't suspect about  the  existence  of  such  possibilities.  In
astrology we don't have such spheres.
        If we talk about the difficulty of creating such program,
then we could say that it's very time and effort  consuming,  let
alone the exclusivity  of  the  algorithms.  On  one  hand,  very
serious empiric observations are enclosed in it;  besides,  there
is  a  substantial  theoretical  fundament  connected  with   the
geography of the whole planet Earth.  I could mention  dozens  of
different researchers, but they wouldn't directly relate to  this
topic. We could consider Bermuda triangle or anything similar. In
principle, many of these directions are taken into consideration,
besides, lately we introduced the works from Feng Shoui and  some
similar esoteric spheres in this  program.  But  again,  we  have
introduced them all on the scientific  basis,  using  the  latest
achievements in the spheres of  synergetics,  theory  of  graphs,
different kinds of mathematical modeling etc.
        -Could you tell us, if there are any objectively good and
bad regions in Moscow?
        -In fact, there is no restriction  on  this  position  in
practice, I constantly come across  this.  Each  region  has  its
pluses and minuses, there are no ideal,  just  as  there  are  no
criminal regions where a person shouldn't live, if not  for  some
very unfavorable ecological factor.  The ecology  is  taken  into
account externally. It's not included in this program. That's why
we always have a choice.  In average, an ecology factor gives  us
3-4 points, maybe 5. I don't just  offer  options;  I  also  show
pluses and minuses  of  each  region.  And,  if  a  client  often
dislikes the region  or  place,  the  program  accounts  all  his
preferences or vice versa - that's a programs catch.
        -Actually it always works out the way,  that  a  client's
objections are those minuses,  which  I  see.  But  it  primarily
happens with clients who know Moscow very well.  The program also
efficiently assists people who are new comers to Moscow  and  who
need some confidence in their choice.  Let's assume that a person
doesn't feel too comfortable with something that causes  anxiety,
lack of confidence.  In this case this person approaches me  with
requests and I analyze reasons for such disturbance.
        -And are there any similar maps for the other  cities  of
the world?
        -To make a similar map of meta-analyses for other cities,
we need some global meta-geographical works for the whole planet,
researches, which started three years ago. But unfortunately, the
Fund's  financial  possibilities  for  the  moment  don't   allow
launching such program, since it requires a  major  technological
process along with around dozens of highly qualified  programmers
working in the field of geography.  Perhaps, we could  push  this
project through, if we had a sponsor, who would be interested  in
the development of the following  direction  together  with  some
cartographical institutes, which would be willing to cooperate in
this field.
        -So far only theoretical works have  been  started  in  a
similar way to  the  following  type  of  orientation,  which  is
performed for other cities as well.  The existing map of  Moscow,
unlike astrology is objectively calculated out  of  the  planet's
natural phenomena. So, just as Moscow has such an orientation, so
does any other cities in the world like Saint-Petersburg  or  New
York or some other. Presently we have two or three people working
on this project.  Why so few? Because these people work purely on
enthusiastic basis, except for  private  consultations.  However,
these reserves are not sufficient to finance the work of a  dozen
of highly qualified specialists for several years  of  work.  You
could imagine how much such a specialist has to be paid to really
move this issue through.  In fact,  this  is  just  an  issue  of
administrating, human resources and financing.
        -I am surprised how complicated it is to find  commercial
organization,  which  would  be  interested  in    such    unique
researches.  And is there any way you  can  make  money  on  this
program through teaching how to  use  it,  say,  at  a  realtor's
        -Of course, we can search and teach. But it's not so fast
and easy and our enthusiasts at the Fund are busy with a  lot  of
interesting ideas. And to make this product commercial, we should
prepare our experts on a serious scientific  basis,  otherwi  the
whole idea would be discredited and the training can be done only
by people, who develop the program.  The Russian government would
have been interested in the idea, but unfortunately  the  program
didn't bring instant profit and  the  interest  had  been  almost
exhausted.  Taking into account all the above  mentioned  we  get
some  payments  by  offering  our  clients  private    consulting
        -I know that you have clients, who  use  your  consulting
services not only when choosing a region for buying real  estate.
What other purposes could you use your program for?
        -The major part of it is buying real estate, but we  also
have clients who are  aware  about  other  possibilities  of  the
program and consult on almost every matter,  either  business  or
leisure.  We  could  use  it  for  any  spontaneous  matter.  For
instance, in case with a home  maker,  even  very  talented,  who
lives at one end  of  Moscow  and  very  rarely  leaves  for  her
summerhouse, this  option  could  be  interesting  not  from  the
viewpoint of the program, but from that of a choice.
        -We can make precise calculations for the most  favorable
direction for people who constantly drive around Moscow,  have  a
lot of friends and need to know which would be a perfect spot for
negotiations on any specific  subject  for  requested  moment  of
time.  If a person buys a flat and provides me with the  plan  of
the region or even that of  a  flat,  then  I  give  this  person
recommendations based on Feng Shoui  principles.  But  this  here
wouldn't be "Meta-Moscow", but  just  a  deep  knowledge  of  the
        -Could you give us some more examples?
        -On one hand, all examples  look  very  similar  to  each
other.  But each one of them is very individual. Any zone has its
pluses and minuses its own  specifics  and  purpose  for  certain
things.  Of course, living near a cemetery or a hospital  is  not
the best option for a person who longs for stability.  And on the
contrary, if a student wants to make a career and just starts  to
work his way up in some certain direction, I would  recommend  to
find a place for living near a cemetery.
        -If I am not mistaken, according to Feng Shoui, it's  far
from being the best place for living...
        -Yes, but our life conditions  differ  considerably  from
those of the Chinese in ancient or medieval age.  We also  use  a
range of services very similar  to  Feng  Shoui,  but  while  the
Chinese  technique  does  it,  proceeding  from   the    internal
arrangement of the place, (i.e.  where to place a mirror or  bed,
where should windows overlook and so on), I recommend  to  change
your psychological mood and your attitude to  the  important  for
you issue.
        -Could you tell us about this in more detail?
        -Lets assume that something is not right at your place of
living,  you  experience  discomfort,  you  have  problems   with
business or you often get  sick.  Different  problems  relate  to
different orientations to space and for each person this  picture
is rather individual.  Normally I enter your data,  consider  all
factors, make analyses and then recommend for what  purposes  and
which place is the best,  i.e.  you  should  be  considering  the
following factors of studying, salary, love, rest, and other,  so
that you could develop some harmony with this place and  sort  of
become friends with it. And again, so that you could be there and
gain as much benefit and use it as you can.  This can relate  not
only to a flat, to a place where you live, but also to any  other
points of your regular movement around the city -  an  office,  a
cottage or a sports ground. I must say, that I described all this
in a  rather  approximate  format,  because  when  I  communicate
directly with a person and study  this  person's  situation  more
profoundly, I happen to come across a  complicated  structure  of
his internal world.  All this is taken into account and sometimes
a single analysis is not sufficient, so  we  have  to  make  some
comparisons, bringing together mutually growing  factors  and  at
the end we get a very individual formula.
        -I try to consider the situation from different  client's
perspectives, and then I work out options of orientation for each
one of it.
        -What  you  are  saying  requires  great    psychological
knowledge, ability to listen to the person's needs and understand
this person's situation.
        -Definitely, but it's not much greater, than any  serious
work with clients, say for a realtor, for instance.  And then  we
could use the information about your flat, which is located in  a
spot far from being perfect, in a new and fruitful sense for your
life and well-being.