Between the Absolute and the Universal.

      Making a terminological step away, we always risk  being
misunderstood; in any case one can't reach an  agreement  with
everyone.  Therefore, using the existing sense of notions,  we
have to try expressing something, that can't be  expressed  in
any  concrete  form  initially  by  simplifying  the  searched
meaning boiling it down to concrete notions.  The Absolute  is
something  comprehensive  and  self  sufficient  due  to   its
ultimate common nature; where every part, everything that  can
be named, outlined, compared or related to something can't  be
called  the  Absolute.  Everything  that  exists  within   the
Absolute belongs to it and can't be related to it.
      The Universum has also a self-sufficient common essence,
but its  self-sufficiency  is  provided  by  the  correlation,
mutually complemented by the correlation of its parts.  To put
it differently, the Universum is a homeostatic integrity  that
possesses the quality, which can be compared to the  qualities
of its content and obviously this  integrity  aspires  to  the
retaining of its content originality.  From these  definitions
we can conclude that any Universum will always be  a  part  of
the only Absolute.
      So all our  Universe,  space  and  time  continuum  (not
necessarily of a material  nature)  with  the  composition  of
physical laws, which allow a  slight  subtle  disharmony,  and
saves us  from  the  entropic  desert  and  processes  of  the
progressive development -  this  integrity  has  some  general
quality and to the full extent can be  called  the  Universum.
Apart from the purely  physical  reality  with  conformity  to
natural laws, describing its changes, this Integrity has first
of all  qualities  and  characters  of  the  higher  hierarchy
(order).  There is nothing mystic, the beyond (in  the  direct
sense of this meaning)  within  this  higher  entity  and  the
professional physicist, especially a synergetic  expert,  will
agree that such global  unity  should  have  a  range  of  the
integrity's qualities, which are not natural for its elements.
      But  unfortunately  synergetics  appeared  only  a   few
decades ago, the phenomenon existed all through the  time  (at
least according to human standards) and the human comprehended
and perceived it one way or the other.  Not always and not all
people had a perception which is formed by the social  way  in
today's civilization.  In other times  when  knowledge  wasn't
systemized in contemporary scientific  forms  people  used  to
personify these essences of the Universum, although  according
to their complexity and  importance  in  the  Universum  these
("objects"? "subjects"?) these phenomena surpass  the  essence
of the "persona" of the  separately  taken  human  personality
comparatively in the same way as the latter one - the persona,
say of the house mouse, the persona of a birch tree  or  of  a
piece of granite - to whatever extent it makes  sense  to  use
this notion in this example.
      The Universum is self sufficient and all that happens in
it depends on  its  comprehensive  quality  and  the  internal
organization, the Hierarchy of the  Phenomena  works  for  the
purpose of retaining the  homeostasis  of  the  Integral.  The
struggle of internal  forces  and  a  range  of  contradictory
tendencies help renewing internal  "elements",  which  combine
qualities  of  physical  as  well  as  a  globally   essential
(spiritual) nature according to  the  tasks  of  the  internal
development.  The development fits in the Cycles according  to
the Laws of the Universum in general direction, the Path.
      In the Absolute a single whole quality of the  Universum
is its one Face, Name of the Sense.
      Are there any other forms of the  Universum  within  the
Absolute - or is it that its content can't be repeated in  its
diversity? This  question  is  at  least  incorrect,  for  the
Absolute has everything which can or can't be, something  that
nobody will ever be able to imagine - otherwise it wouldn't be
Absolute.  For us, being  inside  the  Universum,  inside  the
determination  of  the  Sense,  such  question  can't  have  a
meaning, while we are  interacting  only  with  qualities  and
essences - parts, representing It.  The  Endless  Universe  is
closed in; the time notions of the beginning and  the  end  of
the World only give us inkling on the existence of the "shell"
in  the  higher  dimensions.  But  the  Integrity  itself  can
interrelate  with  something  greater  in  the  space  of  the
Absolute with endless numbers of dimensions, since  absolutely
everything is possible within the Absolute.
      Such  special  interactions  should  have    appropriate
meanings even in their slightest manifestations; and  to  some
extent they are rather invigorating for the  Integrity  -  for
the external interference, which doesn't  involve  destructive
force, always boosts processes of development, and adds up the
energy for the internal dynamics of a homeostatic system.
      And we probably are not to be given a chance to see  the
existing beyond the Universum, its problems are our  problems.
The human spends the energy of  the  soul,  gives  it  to  the
Universum,  and  forms  a  quality  within  him,  gaining  the
information of a higher order, fulfilling within  himself  the
tasks of the Universal movement - the Will  of  God.  Opposite
tendencies verify and  strengthen  these  aspirations,  making
selection by temptations and  seductions,  the  depersonalized
essence of  which  could  be  compared  to  the  processes  of
dissimilation for the Higher Nature.  And if a certain  person
disregards the necessity to live according to the laws of  the
Unity, if his personal tasks prevail over spiritual values, he
makes his choice in favor of dissimilative structures, falling
in to the track of the  appropriate  processes  with  all  out
coming subsequences.
      As you may see this scientific  version  of  description
provides  us  with  flat  model  like  but  rather    concrete
perspectives.  And I humbly seek your apologies for  intruding
by these methods in the sphere, which  can't  be  fathomed  by
Earthly standards.